Sedation Dentistry San Antonio, TX

When it comes to keeping our patients comfortable, The Root Canal Doctor in San Antonio, TX offers a variety of analgesia and sedation options to choose from. One of those is IV Sedation in San Antonio, Texas, which is a prescription sedative given through a small intravenous line.

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IV Sedation San Antonio, TX

IV sedation in San Antonio is great for our patients who:

- Need longer appointments
- Require complex procedures
- Have severe dental anxiety or phobia
- Face special needs
- Are undergoing oral surgery
- Need something stronger than laughing gas or oral sedation

If our San Antonio, Texas dentists suspect that you may need an added comfort amenity during your appointment, we’ll be sure to discuss IV sedation during your consultation.

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What to Expect

Our practice works with a licensed anesthesiologist who comes into our office to administer and monitor all IV sedation basis. This resource prevents you from having to visit an off-site specialty clinic or day surgery facility. Instead, you can enjoy safe care with a dental team that you already know and trust!

After completing a thorough medical screening (including a review of your underlying health issues and current medications,) our anesthesiologist will place a small IV cannula just inside your arm or hand. From there, he’ll adjust the medication dosage to achieve the best level of sedation.

During the process, you’ll constantly be monitored in regard to your pulse and respiration, to ensure the highest level of safety possible!

IV sedatives take effect quickly, so our San Antonio dentist will start treatment as soon as you’re fully sedated. Once your procedure is completed, the anesthesiologist will turn the medication drip off so that you regain full consciousness.

It’s important that you have a family member or friend accompany you to the appointment and drive you home afterward.

Is IV sedation right for you? Contact The Root Canal Doctor in San Antonio to find out.

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