Quality, Gentle Root Canals San Antonio, TX

If you’ve ever been told that you needed endodontic therapy, you may have felt slightly hesitant about scheduling the procedure. But the great news is that root canals in San Antonio, TX are gentle, efficient, and boost your overall oral health.

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At The Root Canal Doctor, we provide high quality endodontic treatments that treat the part of your tooth that matters most: the inside. After all, without a healthy dental nerve, there’s no way for your tooth to survive.

Fortunately, patients who need root canals San Antonio, TX can find attentive and specialized care with our knowledgeable team of providers.

Why do I Need a Root Canal?

Endodontic therapy is the last line of defense when it comes to preserving badly damaged or infected teeth. We may recommend a root canal if your tooth has experienced:

- Severe trauma, causing nerve death
- An abscess
- Severe pain or toothaches
- Large cavities or cracks

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What to Expect During Treatment

Getting a root canal is easier than you think, thanks to modern techniques and technology. When you visit The Root Canal Doctor for endodontic therapy, the process will go something like this:

First, we numb the tooth and area around it. If a severe infection is present, we may recommend an antibiotic to clear up some of the swelling prior to treatment. Next, an opening is created and the traumatized or dying nerve tissues are removed. Then, the hollow chamber (canal) inside of the tooth is cleaned, medicated, and filled to seal it off.

After your root canal, you will probably need a crown over the tooth to prevent any wear or fracturing.

Think You Need a Root Canal?

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