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San Antonio, TX providers at The Root Canal Doctor often recommend endodontic therapy because of trauma or infection that’s affected the nerve inside of a tooth.

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The word “endodontics” is made up of two root words: “endo-” meaning “inside,” and “-dont” meaning “tooth.” As one could assume, such treatments are therapies used to treat the structures inside of the tooth, rather than outside of it.

Because health and vitality of dental nerves are what keep teeth alive, a dying one can result in the tooth failing and shrinking away from the inside (resorbing.) Resorption compromises the integrity of the tooth, making it susceptible to fractures and the spread of infection.

Fortunately, it’s possible for endodontics in San Antonio, TX to preserve the tooth so that an extraction isn’t necessary.

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Types of Endodontic Treatments

The most common endodontic therapy is the “root canal.” With root canals, we remove the entire nerve and fill the open chamber of the tooth before covering it with a crown. Some teeth have more roots than others, making root canals more complex or difficult to complete.

Fortunately, The Root Canal Doctor offers highly experienced and gentle care that makes getting a root canal similar to just about any other type of restorative treatment.

Other forms of endodontic therapy include treatments like:

Pulpotomies — Performed on developing or baby teeth, to preserve natural tooth spacing in young patients.
Pulp capping — A technique used over the top of the nerve chamber, without extending into it. Used for protecting a vital nerve when a large filling or crown is necessary.
Apicoectomy — Removal of the tip or lower 1/3 of the root, preserving the remaining tooth structure. Apicoectomies are performed by creating a small window in the gums adjacent to the tooth root.

Thanks to advanced technology, The Root Canal Doctor can provide highly efficient endodontic treatments in the most comfortable manner possible. Schedule a consultation today!

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