Comprehensive Dental Implants San Antonio, TX

If you’ve had to remove a tooth because it was too damaged to repair with a root canal, the space that’s left behind can cause changes in your bite alignment. Not only does this post a functional and oral health concern to your smile, it also alters the aesthetics of your teeth.

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Implants San Antonio, TX Treatment

At The Root Canal Doctor, we offer start-to-finish dental implants to San Antonio, TX residents to replace missing teeth and preserve natural tooth spacing. Because implants function in a way that mimics healthy independent teeth, your new smile will feel and look great at the same time.

Advantages of Choosing Implants

The benefits of implants make them a great alternative to conventional tooth replacements (like fixed bridges or removable partials.) Some of the reasons The Root Canal Doctor recommends them to our patients, include:

- Non-invasive to other teeth
- Preserve healthy bone structure and growth
- Longest lasting restoration used in modern dentistry
- More durable than healthy tooth structure
- Capable of supporting multi-tooth restorations (when used in pairs)

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What Are Dental Implants?

An implant is a biocompatible, artificial tooth root that’s set into the jaw. They can be used independently to support a crown for single-tooth replacement, or in sets of 2-4 to anchor longer dental bridges and dentures.

Made from titanium, implants encourage new bone growth that fuses the artificial root permanently into the mouth (a process we call “osseointegration.”) When well cared for, our patients can expect their implants to last for the rest of their life. In fact, with a success rating of 98%, implants are more durable than any other type of restorative treatment used in dentistry.

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